Winter for the bees.

The temperature is finally dropping a bit, though still not enough for the bees to form into their tight winter cluster yet, or at least not here in Cambridge. This mean that they will be more active, the queen still laying although  at nothing like the rate she does in late spring/early summer when she can lay 2,000 eggs a day or more!

This means bee keeping activity is now largely about preparing equipment for next year when things get busy again in the spring and of course checking that they still have sufficient stores of food. Paradoxically the relatively mild weather means they will consume more food not less as they will be more active and flying more. They consume a lot less food in a really hard winter.

It also means I will have time to melt more beeswax into olive oil to make hand-cream or skin-balm/ointment as it could more accurately be called.

I will be making up several batches of this over the next few weeks in order to have them to sell at the Seedy Sunday event in Trumpington. I may also have some more consultations to make some up for specific conditions which is useful for those who feel uncomfortable with massage or who want to treat themselves between sessions.