A $300 underground greenhouse offers a year-round DIY growing sanctuary

I really like this. Though were I live there isn’t any hillside for me to make one! Still, might be moving in about 18 months!






For growers unlucky enough to be living at high elevations or further than arms length from the equator, frost and cold relentless winds are constant enemies. Twenty years ago in the mountainous regions of South America, frustrated growers set out to pull the arrow from the Achille’s heel of productive year-round growing in cold climates and temperate climates. Their solution? A DIY greenhouse that can be built for less than $300.

The walipini was designed to grow food year-round in the colder and more temperate climates for less than $300.

2_underground greenhouse

Traditional greenhouses composed of glass walls are typically as expensive as they are fragile. And while “common sense” would lead you to believe that maintaining the heat necessary for optimal growing conditions would be stretching closer to the sun or manufacturing its rays with an expensive lighting system, designers of the walipinidecided to…

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2 responses to “A $300 underground greenhouse offers a year-round DIY growing sanctuary

  1. Would need to be a South facing hillside. I would paint the back wall with whitewash to increase the light levels and probably do a design without a front wall but glass coming all the way down to the ground. I think a lot of these designs are on mountains where the height makes for much better light levels.


  2. I don’t think it’s a good solution here, as one of the big problems we have is lack of light at the times of the year when cold is a problem. I have never seen the issue of light discussed in any descriptions of these structures, yet here in the UK in winter, the low angle of the sun would make the interior (especially the floor) very dim.