Myrrh is perhaps an oil I should use more than I do. The Christmas Carol refers to it’s, “bitter perfume” and indeed the English name is a derivation of the Arabic murr, meaning, “bitter.”

It has been used in healing unguents and other preparations for thousands of years in both the near East and the Mediterranean. Also used as a funeral herb and in embalming. It has a gentle calming effect on the nervous system and is one of the main oils for over thinking and worry.

Also good for healing sorrow and grief, it’s rich, resinous aroma helps us to be more centred.

On the physical side, it is good for sore throats, colds and other respiratory disorders including hay fever indeed it is one of the oils that does exhibit evidence of an anti-histamine effect making it also useful for topical eczema and allergic rashes.

Having thought about it and researched this oil a little more than I had, I expect I will also be using it with my clients who suffer from depression both for it’s own anti-depressive effect and for it’s use in reducing worry.