Caring for our selves Body and Mind

It is worth noting that this is different for everyone. If there were a one size fits all answer to making each one of us healthy and happy, someone would have bottled it and become very rich, making some others very unhappy with them!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doesn’t look just at individual symptoms such as lower back pain, headaches,indigestion etc. but rather at patterns of disharmony. If something is out of balance in our bodies then we will feel discomfort which can be anything from a slight itch to an unbearable pain.

Exactly the same is true in the world of our emotions. We might be mildly irritated that a friend or work colleague has not returned our call and go on to make up all sorts of possible reasons why this might be ranging from the catastrophic to the perfectly likely. On the other hand, the loss of a loved one, be that due to death, divorce or any other reason might leave us with a profound pain, every bit as real as that from gall stones, one of the most severe pains we can experience.

Our response to each of these reasons for our pain be that a physical or psychological cause should be different. Some responses might put us further out of balance e.g. drinking to excess. Loss might require accepting the pain it brings before we are able to move on. Pain from a tough exercise work out might require a gentle stretching routine before we can move around in relative comfort. Gall stones might require surgery.

It is the complexity of our minds and bodies and the vast number of combinations that might result in us being out of balance that makes me keep over seventy different essential oils for use in aromatherapy. Some such as Bergamot, I use almost every week. Lavender likewise. Neroli, Rose and Jasmine are used mostly for those who have experienced deep personal loss and are in need of healing. Eucalyptus, Black Pepper and Ginger are used mostly for those with muscular aches or respiratory problems or other infections when I might also use Myrrh.

Similarly the massage I give to each client is different. I work in Cambridge, UK where many people do not want the maximum amount of pressure that I can use doing a deep tissue massage, even if I am careful to warm the muscles up properly before going really deep. In contrast, in China many if not most do not feel they have had a proper massage if it does not leave bruising! It was something of a shock to me the first time I massaged a Chinese client who was used to their style of massage!

These are some of the reasons why if you come to me I will do an assessment that includes both the physical and psychological aspects of what you require to get back into or stay in balance and rest assured, unless you specifically ask for it I don’t do a massage that leaves bruising!