Christmas a time of joy?

A time of joy when families get together to share memories or enjoy infants who play more with the wrapping paper and boxes than they do with the presents themselves.

And yet this is not the reality for many. I know and have known a lot of people for whom Christmas is an incredibly difficult time. Most of those I have known who find this have it made worse by their absolute conviction that everyone else they know is having a wonderful time with their own families! This was especially true when I worked at an adolescent mental health in-patient unit. The young adults there had little hesitation in expressing this and yet never questioned why some staff always volunteered to work long days on Christmas day!

Of course the majority of adults remain silent and don’t tell anyone if they find Christmas a really difficult time! This brings me to my first recommendation which is to be open about it if you fall into this category. My guess is that before you have told ten people, you will have found someone else who also finds Christmas difficult.

Next, if you can not spend time with someone who makes it more bearable, find something you can do to treat yourself. That may be a Christmas Massage, or it may be making sure you have a really nice meal, be that the traditional turkey or just something you specifically enjoy however bonkers other people might think it!

And, use some essential oils to lift your mood. Bergamot, Juniper, Frankincense, Myrrh (afraid there isn’t an essential oil of gold) Nutmeg, Cinnamon or other spicy oils and Orange all come to mind but if you have a favourite that is different use that instead. And remember, Christmas day is the first day that the ancient peoples in the Northern hemisphere would have been able to see that the light was returning and the days getting longer again. I am not sure that I notice it but our chickens do and always start laying more eggs after their December strike!