Children and Adolescents.

From time to time I get asked about how I can help a child at school. Some have a formal diagnosis of ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder whereas others have no diagnosis at all but are still struggling and performing below their intellectual ability.

As ever, it is important to get a full picture, ideally from the young person as well as a parent and were I still working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health services the teachers as well. Sadly, often one is only able to speak to the parent.

An internet search will provide a raft of different oils that can be used and doubtless all have some value. Rosemary has been shown to aid recall when used with study. Vetiver and Frankincense have been shown to have some value with ADHD.  Ylang-Ylang is also commonly cited along with lavender.

Oils can be carried on a handkerchief with the oils applied in a ziplock plastic bag for the young person to use when they feel stressed. or a mixture can be made up in a carrier oils for them to carry and apply to base of neck, forhead or hand between thumb and forefinger.

Ohio state university is currently carrying out a clinical trial with young people with autism but it is likely to be well into next year before results are available.

Daily foot massage using the mixture can be applied by the parent.

Remember, as with adults, no two clients are alike, so it is important to get a full history and use oils specifically for the young person rather than just going for a formulaic response. Also do not be afraid to try something else if the first formulation does not work. If there was a one size fits all solution, a drug company would be making a lot of money out of it by now!