Climate change (again)

Despite what some claim, it is certainly clear to me that the climate is changing.

Daffodils flowering in December, my bees flying almost every day over the past week. I would like some decent winter weather – frost, snow and that sort of thing!


Fruit trees need a period of cold to stimulate their hormonal system so that they produce a decent crop.  If we lose winter, we may well be able to grow different crops but we are likely to lose some of what we have. The taste will change too. Golden Delicious is an apple that grows well in parts of America and lives up to it’s name there. Grown here and in France it does not because the climate is different.

How long do we have before things change?

I would argue that things are already changing. Pumpkins this year are not storing well because of the combination of weather we have had. – That may well just be a variation in year to year conditions but when year on year we keep  breaking climate records, that is evidence enough for me.

How should we respond?

We all need to act on a personal level to reduce our carbon footprint. There is no point in our pointing at China’s greenhouse gas emissions when per person, ours are so much greater. Only if we can massively reduce our own do we have any moral authority in asking the developing world to keep theirs down.

Sadly acting on a personal level is not enough. We also need to increase pressure (at least in UK) on a government that seems wedded tot he oil and gas industries. We use more energy to heat our homes than Norway does. If we could increase our energy efficiency to the level of Norwegian homes, not only would it save large amounts of carbon from entering the atmosphere but it would also greatly improve our financial position through having to import less energy.

With regards to aromatherapy and essential oils, not many are produced in UK to start with. However the increased incidence of extreme weather events is likely to affect essential oil production causing fluctuations in price and availability of some oils.