Climb a cliff face or walk round the long way?

IMG_0132I spent over 30 years working in the mental health system with clients who despite what many said, in general had excellent motivation to get better. This raises the question as to why they didn’t improve much more quickly?

I see their struggles as a bit like a rock climber who when going for a walk sees a stack ahead and climbs up one side and down the other. Nearly all of them were failing in climbing this stack just as I would. If we get stuck in a mind set that the only way is by going over the stack, we just try harder, fail and try harder still.

Many of these clients when it was pointed out that with a little creativity could walk around this stack improved dramatically. Coming for an aromatherapy massage may in itself be a way of walking around the stack but I need to find oils that can enhance my clients’ creativity in order to help them see ways around their problems other than climbing a cliff face.

While I know that Chris Bonnington climbed this aged over 80 it is not something many of us could achieve without considerable training and help from an experienced climber at any age!

So when faced with such an obstacle we all need to think creatively about whether we really need to do that climb or whether there is an alternative. Finding alternative routes may still not be easy and we may still require help but it may just be a little more manageable than climbing the Old Man of Hoy!

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