New Year Resolutions, Weight and other musings.

I don’t make any myself but I would guess at least a quarter of those I know make one to lose weight. Something I also hope to do but am not making it a resolution.

Whatever the technicalities of it, the bottom line is to consume fewer calories than you burn. If you are like me, exercise has to be fun or it just won’t happen. For me, that rules out the gym, but I am more than happy to do some weight training just as long as the weight is another person!

While this might not suit everyone make sure your exercise is fun and you will do it much more often. Also look for things that make food fun. If the only stuff you can get that fits in your diet is stuff you don’t enjoy, you are much more likely to break it.

And lastly come for an aromatherapy massage either to treat yourself when you achieve your goals or to remind yourself that there are still good things in life.

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