Christmas and Families

I know that at least two of my friends found Christmas really horrible because they posted as much on Facebook. I also know from having spent over twenty five years working in Child and Adolescent psychiatry as a nurse that there are many more people who find this to be the case and I am talking as much about my colleagues as about my patients and their families! Every year there would be people volunteering to work thirteen hour shifts in order to avoid time with their families and working that shift was often quite fun!

For me this year, Christmas was quite fun despite my father in law reminding me of some of the reasons why I never went back to working on medical wards as a nurse. Don’t ask! But lots of essential oils were used afterwards both in cleaning and to mask less pleasant aromas till the cleaning was finished!

Fun but at the end of it we were shattered and after the relatives, (partner’s parents, one of her nephews and his wife left around two thirty, a friend came around at three and despite banging on doors and window through which she could see us collapsed on sofa was unable to rouse us!



So if you have had a stressful Christmas or just need some you time to recover from the hard work of cooking for rather more people than normal, email to book an appointment.