Back to work.

Back to work this morning!

Not all of my work is for cash. I have done some free sessions for friends when getting back into massage but also when I want to learn about a specific condition. I also do aromatherapy massage on the local LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme.)

On LETS I only see clients at home as I don’t have to pay for the room, just need to make sure the wood stove is lit in time to get it up to temperature. woodstove

For those who don’t know about LETS, it is a form of local currency. Services from Massage and Aromatherapy to computer help and goods from books and craft items to computers and almost anything that someone might want to get rid of but is still worth something might appear.
The latest weekly update shows new listings.

folk art knitted hearts 6-7 cm size decorative hearts for Xmas tree, Valentines or home. (2.5 each cams)

hand knitted accessories Men’s, women’s, children’s hand knitted winter accessories available Autumn- Winter or made to order. (various cams)

Food & Cooking

Excess baking baking share. please ask. (to cover costs cams)

Homemade hummus in reusable/ returnable 7 ounce BPA- free pots. (2 cams)

Lovely Venison Sausages Perfect for the freezer. Two packets of four sausages, three cams.

Gardening & Plants

Plants on offer We are embarking on a building project in a few weeks time and have to clear our garden from shrubbery (e.g. Hebe, rose, golden rod, variegated bamboo, and much more) also strawberry plants, mint, lemon balm, a couple of young apple trees and an amazing rhubarb root. If you are willing to come and dig these plants up and give a donation, that would be brilliant. 

shrubs need a new home As we are going to redo our garden we have a lot of shrubs to re home. Variegated bamboo (low growing), snow berry bushes galore, and lots more that I don;t know the name of. They are free for anyone who is willing and able to dig them up and take them away. We live on 

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

Garden Shed 8×6 Garden shed. This as an good quality garden shed, but due to having to clear the area for an extension, I need to have this clear by the week commencing 11th January. If you are interested in the shed and are able to dismantle and take it away in the weekend of the 9th-10th. Please let me know. If you want to come and see it beforehand, you are very welcome. (100 cams)

Jackets and embroidered waistcoat for sale 1. MaxMara fine wool ladies’ jacket (80% wool, 20% cashmere), size 12, gorgeous, deep dusty pink colour (with matching buttons). Classic tailored style with pockets In impeccable condition, just too large for me. 2. Viyella black leather jacket (ladies), flattering long style with 3 black buttons and 2 pockets, size 10, in excellent condition, hardly worn. 3. South American-style waistcoat, richly embroidered on front panels in red and burnt orange colours with black trim and 2 black/gold buttons. Tasteful design is birds and flowers. Truly lovely! Size approximately 12. Email Sara for photographs if you like. (negotiable cams)

Sports & Recreation

Yoga Mats 4 blue yoga mats for sale 5 cams each (approx 6ft x 3 ft) (5 cams)

Wanted Listings

Household – help

Party helper wanted on New Year’s Eve! We need someone very reliable and efficient to help us out with a drinks party in Grantchester on New Year’s Eve. Hours: 5 pm to 8.30 or 9 pm… you’d still be free after that to celebrate the new year coming in! Duties would involve heating up and setting out food, mixing and pouring drinks, circulating among the guests with hot snacks, clearing empty glasses etc. Ideally you’d look reasonably smart too! Please email Sara if you can help. (15 cams/hr cams) (Spike JACKSON – 0137) CB3_

Technical: Printing / Copying

copying tapes Is anyone still able to copy tapes (music) to CD? The tape-playing function on my machine has packed up (usual cams)

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

Lift wanted home from Heathrow on Dec. 29 Lift wanted on Monday Dec. 29 for 3 people + modest luggage home from Heathrow airport, meeting us at approx. 9.30 am. (10 cams/hr + sterling petrol cams)

There are many other listings that people want regularly or offer on a long term basis. These local currency schemes as well as encouraging localism, also are very good for community building. Cambridge has two such schemes, though I haven’t checked out the second one. Hackney where I lived for a number of years also has two such schemes. It is likely that wherever you live in UK and indeed many other countries there is a LETS scheme near you.