Endings and Beginnings.

As we approach the years end, we also think of new beginnings. Myrrh, used in interring the dead is also a symbol of life. Strangely at a time when much vegetation is dormant for the winter, when I look around, many species such as daffodils, and strawberries are in flower. Signs of life all around where normally that life would be hidden waiting to spring anew in two or three months time.

Obviously it is too early to say if this is going to be the long term pattern. If it is some things will not fruit well as far South as Cambridge and the flavour of species such as apple and quince will change. Better or worse? I don’t know, I am sure opinion will be divided on some varieties. However having noted how the flavour changes from year to year, I do know that change is likely.

The same is true of many of the oils we know and love. Hotter dryer weather will make some stronger. Wetter weather may increase production of some just as it reduces it in others.

Ask me about this in twenty years time and I will let you know what changes I hae observed and whether I have had to build an ark or not!