Seedy Sunday

This annual event is one of the most important in my calendar. It is where I sell more of the hand cream/skin balm I make from organic olive oil, essential oils and beeswax from my own bees kept on Trumpington Allotments than at any other time, indeed I probably sell more of it than in the rest of the year put together!


This event is important to me as a bee keeper and as an aromatherapist because it is encouraging the use of open pollinated varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers. These are important for several reasons. They tend to provide more pollen and nectar for insects (including my bees) than F1 hybrids. The many heritage varieties also provide a valuable genetic resource. Growing a single F1 hybrid variety risks losing the whole crop if there is a hail storm or frost at the wrong time whereas the natural diversity in open pollinated varieties means some will flower at later or earlier times making them more resilient to the vagaries of nature which are becoming more chaotic with climate change.

Paul a local organic farmer with a vegetable box scheme will be speaking at the event. DSC_3402

There will be a stall from the Heritage Seed Library among many others including my own. Any 90 minute aromatherapy appointments booked there will attract a £10 discount and so be £45 instead of £55. There will also be one of these sessions as a raffle prize!]

So to be in with a chance of a raffle prize or discounted massage or to hear about why seed swaps and open pollinated varieties of crops are so important or even if just to swap seeds, do come along to this important event!