Love Your Doorstep.

Just been writing a piece for a relatively new company who want to encourage people to use local businesses rather than the well known chains. I must admit I used a piece written by someone with a similar business to my own in Enfield where Love Your Doorstep started and then replaced her information with my own but it made me think about how I present information about my business and how to choose what information to include in a limited space.

Business Name:

Cambridge Aromatherapy

Contact Name:

Dave Jackson


07939 273 569



Salus Wellness Centre

47 Norfolk Street





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Dave of Cambridge Aromatherapy concentrates on working with the whole person, always taking into account the client’s spiritual and emotional needs as well as their physical problems.

Clients have found aromatherapy massages helpful as a part of resolving depression, stress and anxiety as well as shoulder and back pain and headaches.

Treatments available.

Most appointments are 90 minutes which allows for a massage lasting over an hour or occasionally just under an hour on the first appointment. This allows for a full history to be taken and essential oils chosen especially for the individual. Shorter appointments for specific problems are also available, e.g. 30 minute back massage.

Dave also makes a skin balm using organic olive oil, essential oils and beeswax from his own bees kept on the allotment site in Trumpington. As well as a couple of standard formulations he will also make this up specially for an individual following a consultation which can take up to half an hour.

Dave works from the Salus Wellness Centre every Tuesday afternoon but appointments can be booked for there at other times as well as at his home in Trumpington.

He trained with the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy who teach about the essential oils from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as from a Western perspective. This combined with his having trained in both general nursing and mental health nursing where he worked for over 25 years gives him a comprehensive insight into his client’s needs.

Dave is a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, which has higher standards of entry and professional development than many of the other Professional associations which therapists can belong to. He is also a trustee of his association.