Going nuts

We have also planted several varieties of Cob nut to feed the squirrels!

The Snail of Happiness

Recent research has shown that nuts are very good for you. According to a paper* in the International Journal of Epidemiology last year, men and women who eat at least 10g of nuts each day have reduced risks of death from respiratory disease, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. And it seems to apply to all nuts, including peanuts**. So, it looks like there are good reasons for us all to consider including nuts in our diet.

Plus, supporting the production of Brazil nuts, for example, can have a beneficial effect on South American forests. Brazil nuts, unlike timber, are harvested without destroying the trees, so a thriving Brazil nut industry leads to forest preservation. For example the Amazon Conservation Association describe the Programa Conservando Castañales (Brazil Nut Conservation Programme) as follows:

Brazil nuts have a significant local and international market and are a natural link to conservation, since the…

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