What does the Massage Practitioner get out of it.

Apart from getting paid of course!

As an aromatherapist, I get a great deal more out of it than just getting paid. In fact I don’t get enough work to make a living from it and very few practitioners do. Nearly all have some other source of income.

Working with essential oils so much is I am sure part of the reason why I very rarely get colds or flu and other bugs that do the rounds every winter. Every single oil has both some degree of antiviral and anti bacterial action.

I also get to meet a lot of people with similar values to myself. I don’t have any evidence of this other than my experience but I suspect that people with similar values to my own are more likely to be interested in aromatherapy.

Actually giving a massage is a very calming experience. I always find myself in a very calm/meditative state of mind while giving massage as I observe what effect it is having on my client either through changes in breathing and skin colour or through their verbal feedback.

It also helps keep the skin on my hands in good condition. – I used to do flying trapeze as a hobby and doing massage several times a week stopped hard calousces forming on my hands.