Exams Aromatherapy Cambridge

It is that time of year again for many students. Some strange people (myself included) actually quite like exams. I particularly enjoyed the multiple choice variety as I always did very well in them and always needed only a fraction of the time allowed. The written questions I found more challenging but still quite enjoyed and I always knew whether I had done well or badly without having to wait for the results!

Others I know find exams stressful, even when they know the material to be covered really well. This is when aromatherapy and massage can come in. Use of Rosemary in an oil burner while studying has been shown in research to improve recall later. (It is also one of the oils that has been shown to be helpful with ADHD) If the stress of exams causes sleep problems, lavender and chamomile (either Roman or German varieties) can aid sleep with just a couple of drops of each on the pillow before going to bed. (There are people who hate the smell of lavender and some other oils so if one of the oils I suggest for something falls in that category for you don’t use it!) Frankincense can also be a really good oil for aiding concentration.

If you are feeling really stressed by exams, why not book an aromatherapy massage where following a consultation together we will choose oils especially taylored to your needs.

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