Treating the client, not the condition!

On the Facebook page for my professional association and in a number of other places on the web I often see questions such as, what oils might be useful for a client with bipolar disorder, hypothyroidism etc. Most of the time no other information is given about the client.

Every time whatever oils I might suggest or any other advice I might give, I always say, “Remember you are treating the individual and not just the condition.”  I want to know how the condition(s) whatever it or they are affect the person I am dealing with. Only then can I think about oils and  a treatment plan that will be helpful to them.

I think that part of the problem is that as a society we have been conditioned to Western medicine’s reductionist approach. A GP, however holistic they may be in their outlook does not have the time to spend half an hour or more with every patient finding out all the background information to their index complaint. (The reason they said they wanted an appointment.) Yet any GP will if asked tell you that over 1/3 of their work is more psychological than physical.

Also, do not blame just the medical profession. How many of us telling the GP we are not sleeping well for instance, have three quarters of an hour to spare?

Those of us practising complementary therapies might like to believe that there is good evidence behind each of our treatments and that might be true but only if we count the whole session as the treatment and accept that with some of our clients it is their feeling cared for and actually having someone listen to them and take what they say seriously that helps them as much as whatever we do during the massage or accupuncture etc.

If you book an appointment with me on 07939 273 569 or by email You can know that I will listen to what you say and take you seriously. If you really don’t want to do a lot of talking and want a longer massage that is OK too!