Don’t rely on a therapist to fix you.

An aromatherapist, massage practitioner or other therapist can be an important fixture in your life to improve or maintain health.

While there are those who do it, I do not however advocate seeing a complementary health practitioner just to get you out of trouble. Excessive drinking and the liver damage that results is not going to be fixed by a massage with or without essential oils. It can help as part of your programme to reduce this or other problem behaviours however.

In the same way, if you have a very bad diet, your doctor is not going to be able to make your body function exactly as it should if you continue the same diet.

A similar thing is true psychologically. If you are in a very stressful job massage and aromatherapy can make you feel better but will not take away the stress. For this you need different therapies or techniques such as mindfulness which can help in enabling us to deal with difficult situations without suffering the same level of stress. For some the only healthy answer may be a job change but there are some jobs which are very necessary but will always be stressful. I would put my former occupation of mental health nurse working with in-patient adolescents in that category. Then finding something to balance the stresses is important. For some that would be massage/aromatherapy, for me it used to be catching for flying trapeze!

My plea is for you to see therapists as a way of enhancing a healthy lifestyle rather than fixing the results of an unhealthy one.