No Two Snowflakes are the same.

My mind wanders from time to time and hearing allegations/predictions that snow was forecast for Cambridge, I googled this, with mixed results. This site, suggests that for small flakes you may actually get two alike. However most of the results agreed with the idea that no two are identical.

The same is true of people. I know two sets of, “identical” twins. Except I can tell them apart. (The individuals within each pair, not just the pairs!) Even for identical twins, the differences start at birth. One is born before the other, sleeping on different sides of cot etc. Individuals make different decisions which result in subtle changes. However one set of twins remain very similar, both have psychology degrees, have similar music tastes but one is using her psychology degree in industry the other has gone down the clinical route.

With the other set, one went into nursing and the other industry, I forget exactly what.

Which brings me to my point, I treat individuals at a particular time and place in their lives. One person who responded to the same post on a closed facebook group that I did about a client who suffered from bipolar disorder said she had a client who was quite labile and would change quite dramatically in her needs from week to week.

This is not true of most of my clients where I work out a plan with them and on the whole make minor changes from session to session. However no two clients are the same, even if they both have the same date of birth, or irritable bowel syndrome or osteoarthritis etc.

The essential oils chosen and the massage given are always individual based on the clients needs and the feedback they give me, both verbally and through changes in breathing, muscle tension etc during the massage.

Even two identical snowflakes would not be in exactly the same place at the same time!

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