Cold Enough?


Was it cold enough for you this morning? About -5C first thing I think.

Many suffer more aches and pains in the cold and when working at home I always make sure the wood stove is on long before a client arrives!

Other side effects of the cold are that we spend more time indoors along with many other people. I suspect that it is the increased time in close proximity to others that brings about the increase in respiratory infections as much as any lowering of resistance due to the cold.

What can we do to protect ourselves? woodstove

  1. Get some exercise in the fresh air every day to flush out that reservoir of bugs from our lungs. Exercise also improves our immune system.
  2. Wash your hands regularly. This is probably the one thing you can do that will make a dramatic difference. If everyone was better at this, it would save the NHS a fortune!
  3. Use essential oils added to cleaning products in the home. Lemon oil is a good one for this.
  4. Use some citrus oils or tea trea in a burner of vaporiser for twenty minutes a day.
  5. And finally get an aromatherapy massage using essential oils which can help boost the immune system as well as well as their antibacterial and antiviral effect.

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