Making a Blend

There are a number of considerations when making a blend of essential oils for a client.

  1. Will they like the aroma? If not, they are unlikely to use it and so we will both have wasted our time.
  2. Does it work to achieve the outcome the client wants. – Perhaps this should have been first but unless the client uses it the answer is certainly going to be, NO!”
  3. Does it have any unwanted side effects? This is actually one reason for using a blend. Often unwanted side effects are lessened by us of another oil.
  4. Are there any secondary goals that can be achieved. (A combination of Tea Tree and Bergamot works well against many infections. Bergamot is also one of the best oils for use with low mood or depression.)

Sometimes using two oils that both work for a given condition simply adds the effects together. Other times for example using both Tea Tree and Bergamot together in vitro studies show that the antibacterial effect is a lot greater than adding together the effects of each oil used separately. This synergy is part of what makes Aromatherapy massage so powerful.

I always try and choose a blend which positively affects at least three things for the client when covering psychological, spiritual and physical domains. I also try to ensure that for the top two goals on my client’s list of things they want the treatment to achieve, there are at least two oils in the blend which will help. Because most oils have a wide sphere of action, being helpful in at least two different physical areas and for at least two psychological parts of one’s life, this is not difficult. Added to the essential oils in my practice there is usually a massage which is also tailored to match the client’s needs, be that tension, aches or sprains from over used muscles etc.

For the psychological effects, it is always good to experiment and learn. Take a drop of oil on cotton wool and breathe in the aroma. Notice what it makes you feel. Repeat this at intervals and see how it changes as the top notes from the more volatile components of the oil evaporate.

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