Planting Willow around the bee hives in Trumpington


A balance is something I try and achieve in my practice. A balance between giving massage, making skin balm/cream, looking after my bees who make the wax for the skin preparations and of course doing publicity, giving out leaflets, writing blog posts etc.

How does it work in practice? – A bit differently, one day I might see five clients one after another and the next day – zilch! Of course I could say to that fifth client who is feeling incredibly stressed but is too busy the following day, that unfortunately I am fully booked. Sometimes I do that but it tends to be when I really don’t have a space I can fit them into.

Outside of that I believe that my life style needs to fit with what I see as an holistic therapy. We grow most of our own fruit and veg, keep chickens for eggs and occasionally meat and I also cut up much of the wood that goes to feed our fire during the winter, saving tree surgeons from having to take the wood further afield to get rid of it and in some cases saving them from having to pay to have it disposed of! Last year we were given an apple tree that had been cut down that was over two foot in diameter. While grateful for the wood, it also felt a little sad to me that a tree over one hundred years old had been cut down.

I also help in the local community orchard a hundred yards from my back gate by cutting down trees when the bird cherry needs thinning out. This allows other trees to get more light.  There is something very satisfying when cutting a tree down goes exactly according to plan. To me, it is important that living a life in harmony with nature is a part of my practice and that the two go together and I hope to be talking about this later this year either at my professional association’s AGM or at a conference they are organising.