Challenging Emotions

I have recently had an exchange of emails with a client who wishes to know more about oils that she can use for different things. I am learning more about her through these exchanges which will help me to treat her problems more effectively during massage sessions. Inevitably those with painful emotions produce a complex picture. For feelings of wanting to be better protected against psychological invasion, I chose Vetiver as one of the oils during the massage, along with Myrrh and bitter orange. (Some were for physical things as well.)

In the follow up exchange, I suggested Hyssop for feelings of being invaded and needing to keep out others psychic energy.

I was then asked about oils for the inner child. Top among these is Rose, particularly if there is deep emotional trauma from a young age that needs healing. (Often if this is the case I do not find out about it until several sessions have taken place. It takes time to build up trust as I know from my days working in mental health nursing.) Other oils good for this are Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang. Palmarosa has often been used in making counterfeit Rose oil.

The last emotional issue was that of constantly feeling the need to please and not being good enough. Not surprisingly, the individual is someone whom would be judged by most people to be successful and not having anything to worry about on the score of being good enough.  Sadly outward appearances often have little to do with the reality of the feelings experienced. For this I suggested Laurel or Bay as it is more often known in the UK.  This was the plant used to make laurel wreaths by the ancient Greeks. Symbolising success! The other option for this was Rosemary however as this feeling was often experienced at night when going to bed, I felt Laurel would be less stimulating.