The March of Progress

As Jan says it sums up so much of modern life.

The Snail of Happiness

IMGP7079 In the absence of a Susie Cooper plate, this Clarice Cliff bowl will have to do!

This plastic film
is dangerous —
suddenly after all these years
the experts say.
But wait —
in order to allay our fears and cheer us up
here’s what to do about it:
put the food into a bowl
and cover it with a saucer…
Well I never did! Oh my!
The March of Progress.
I can see my mother
putting that Susie Cooper plate
on top of a half-eaten jelly
in that orange and green fruit bowl.
I can see her quite clearly
and that was 1938.

Charlotte Mitchell

Another of my favourite poems… partly because it sums up our modern world and partly because it mentions Susie Cooper, an Art Deco potter working at the same time as my great aunt, Clarice Cliff.

Like previous poems I have quoted, this is with the permission…

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