Environmental Responsibility

We all have a responsibility to the environment. I suspect few will disagree with that, even if some think I or others go over the top with this. As my personal belief system includes the fact that much illness and I don’t just mean that in my own clients is caused by environmental damage that makes this especially true for me. There would be little point in complaining about it if my practice didn’t try and minimise it’s own negative impact on the environment. In fact I believe that those of us who can, should through how we use our money, planting trees in our gardens etc. do what we can to improve the environment, not just minimise our negative impact on it!

What does that mean to me in my practice?  Well for a start, all the oils I use are organic. This is important to me not just in terms of the impact my practice has on the environment but also because I do not want potentially toxic chemicals to contaminate the oils I am using on my clients and indeed will absorb through my own skin when working.

What else? I will only buy from companies whose environmental record I can trust. I don’t currently have any rosewood oil but if I decide to get some it will be from the only company I know that produces it from a managed woodland where replanting exceeds the rate of extraction. Other companies I deal with do not stock it because they do not have access to an ethical source. There are a few other oils where that is potentially an issue, e.g. sandalwood.

I don’t own a car. This means I am with my current bicycle trailer and table not really able to see clients at home unless they have their own table. However in Cambridge, cycling is good for the vast majority of my transport needs.

Couch roll? This paper roll means practitioners can avoid having to put a clean cover on the couch for every client they see. I am currently looking for a source of unbleached couch roll. I also keep all the used couch roll and use it when cleaning out our chickens. It is then composted and so goes to help improve the soil on our allotment.

Is there more I could be doing? Almost certainly. I could be making more infused oils from herbs in the garden, though this involves wastage of the carrier oil unless used in a timely fashion. If and when I become aware of other things I can do to reduce the environmental impact of my practice I will implement them.

For making hand cream, I use beeswax from my own bees kept on the southern edge of Cambridge on Trumpington Allotments. Very low impact unless you count all the air miles involved!

At home, the treatment room (Our living room) is heated with an efficient wood burning stove, much of the wood coming from very local sources, I.E.  within our street!

This page has been rewritten as part of tidying my website up and hopefully making future changes to it simpler so I spend less time on the computer and more doing massage, spending time with my bees etc!

Do leave a comment to let me know how you are keeping your work or home life environmentally sound.