Wood is one of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is also the source of a good number of the essential oils I use and around twenty five of those covered in my Aromatherapy Training.


Bird Cherry, thinned from the community orchard less than 200 metres from the wood stove.

it is also a source of energy. I probably cut and split over half of the wood we burn in our wood burner each year, providing heat for the practice room and also warming the towels that cover the client’s body. There is something about the heat from a wood burning stove that to me makes it far superior to that from radiators or electric heat sources. Also emissions from modern stoves are much lower than from older ones and the stoves themselves are much more efficient.

This is one reason why I like seeing clients at home as well as at the clinic in central Cambridge where I see most of my clients for massage and aromatherapy.

I am also going to play with carving some spoons from some of the cherry. One log of which has gone to a friend with rather more experience of this.