Mental Health

How many of us will suffer a mental health problem at some point in our lives? Statistically it is at least one in four but that means those of us who actually get beyone the first tier of GP services and see someone designated a mental health professional! Perhaps we should be looking at this another way. How many of us go for even a year without seeing our GP or some other professional to do with our physical health?

What would the mental health figures be like if there were no stigma about seeking help for mental health issues? The reality is that most of us will at some point in our lives suffer from a mental health problem, except that most of us will not see a mental health professional for it. Some of us will be treated by our GP, many of us will suffer in silence because telling another person that we have this problem is too difficult a step.

Interestingly, while quite a few of those I see in my Aromatherapy and Massage practice here in Cambridge have been to the doctor about their mental health problems, (a lot more than one in four) I still see a lot of people who have this sort of problem but have not gone down the conventional, route and feel uncomfortable with doing so. A few are for whatever reasons, anti-Western medicine. I have to assess these and decide, is it safe to treat them without the support of their GP etc. So far I have always decided it is. Others don’t want to put chemicals they don’t need into their body but if they felt there was a real need would go down the conventional route.

Again I have to decide if this is safe. This is somewhat easier for me having a background of having worked as a nurse in mental health for many years.

I have no doubt that massage and aromatherapy can help those with mental health needs. There are oils that will help with depression, anxiety, stress and obsessive ideas to name just a few. Massage itself can also help with these.

As long as in my professional judgement it is safe to work with someone who has mental health needs I will do so. I will however say so if I think someone needs intervention from mental health professionals and will not work with anyone if I think it is unsafe for them, myself or those around them. However this has not happened to date.