One for the Vegans



Straining the beeswax and olive oil mixture before filling jars and adding essential oils.

As those who read my posts regularly will know, I make a, “skin cream” from beeswax from my bees kept here in Cambridge and olive oil plus essential oils. Some vegans are stricter than others. This means some are happy to use this product but not all are. I am considering getting some candelilla wax as an alternative. However a first look at prices, shows $8 gets you a pound in the US, it is £6 for 200g here! This would make the vegan product significantly more expensive than the one I make using Beeswax. Further searching yielded £10 for 500g but it wasn’t certified organic.

Does this matter? The wax is liberated from the leaves of the plant by using hot water. I suspect the leaves are collected from the wild and so will not be drenched in pesticides. However I need to do more research on this before making up my mind. I welcome comments on this from any readers who are vegan and will also be asking some of my vegan friends about their views on this.


Probably unsurprisingly, all of the products I use during massage are vegan.