Smoking, Drinking and Bad Diets/Habbits

The only one I have never really indulged in is Smoking. – I didn’t have the staying power to get past the choking stage when I tried it at a young age. So what do I say to my clients if they have a life style that is not good for their health?

The reality is, I know when I am eating things that aren’t good for me and on the whole so do my clients. They don’t need me to preach at them.

However some do want help in making the changes they want to in their lives. That is another matter. Oils that can help with this are lemon, it’s clean incisive aroma helping clarity and decision making. Chamomile might be of use for the individual who uses alcohol because of sleep problems. Rosemary is something I will use for someone who is studying to improve recall. This might help them rely less on caffeine!

As I point out in many of my posts it is important to address the whole person and not just treat an alcohol, smoking or dietary problem on it’s own. Oils will be chosen to address the whole person’s needs, ideally each oil addressing two or three issues and each issue being addressed by two or three oils.

So rest assured that if you come to me I won’t be giving you a hard time over your dietary or other habbits. Most of us can get that without paying for it!

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