Seasonal Massage

IMG_8863The changes in the massage won’t be noticed by all but if someone has just come in from the cold of winter and still hasn’t warmed up properly by the time the massage starts, I need to spend more time warming the muscles up before I use the maximum pressure for that individual.By contrast if the temperature is 25C or greater outside then a deeper massage is possible much more quickly. (I know most of those here in UK will be laughing at the idea of 25C or greater!

Another thing that  changes is the the different oils I use. During winter I am much more likely to use oils like tea tree, lemon, and myrrh which are all good in helping to fight infections. I also use more of the warming, nurturing oils like cinnamon and vanilla. During summer I am find myself utilising more of the cooling oils like coriander and melissa. (lemon balm)

Of course I all of the oils will be right for some clients whatever the time of year. Some chronic conditions such as ME or Arthritis don’t go away even thought he presentation might change a bit.

A lot of the changes also reflect the differences directly due to the seasons. Seasonal affective disorder means mild depression is much more common, peaking about now in February after the darkest days are over but before the increase in light has done it’s job.

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