how many essential oils?

I currently have over sixty different essential oils for use in my practice. all of them are used.  This is part of what helps me to be able to give a treatment which is tailored to the individual rather than just treating the condition at the top off their list.

This is important to me and to my clients as well, many of whom experience conventional health care as impersonal and all too often as about treating a condition and not a person.

To be able to use this many different oils means an initial consultation which can take up to half an hour, possibly longer for complex cases. Again spending this time is important to me, my clients and to my philosophy of giving an individual treatment. For example, while Bergamot is an important oil for the treatment of depression, it is unlikely to help on it’s own if chronic pain is at the root of the depression and I do nothing to tackle the chronic pain as well. Similarly if my client is feeling stuck and unable to challenge something in their life, then I am likely to add an oil that will help them with this.

It is very rarely if ever that I see a client who has only one single problem that is not tied up with another two or three or even more. Unless I look towards addressing all of the interlinked problems, it is unlikely that any of them will be solved.

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