Wood Matters



Sadly the firm of the name above in Cambridge no longer exists.However today I want to say that wood really does matter from a wide range of perspectives. Wood is important as a way of sequestering carbon. If we build using it the carbon is locked up for hundreds of years. If we burn it, so long as the wood does not travel excessive distances and is burned in an efficient stove, it is a heat source that is close to carbon neutral. Needless to say, it is important to plant replacement trees to ensure a continued supply!

Even more important for locking up carbon however are forests that are not used for fuel. Sadly, lack of regulation means many of these in tropical areas are dwindling at a time when they should be increasing in size. However countries in higher latitudes should also be increasing the amount of woodland and recognise that some of the thousands of acres of moorland could play it’s part in combating global warming.

Wood has many functions. As well as being an environmentally friendly heat source it is also aesthetic. While many think us strange, we have no television and the wood stove is the centre of attention in our living room. Also clients who come to my home in Trumpington prefer the wood stove to radiators that are present at the clinic in Central Cambridge where I also work.


Cherry logs before being cut and split. Some has been diverted into wood for carving spoons from.

Of course many of the essential oils I use come from wood, Pine, Sandalwood, Spruce and many others. This brings another level of responsibility. I stopped using Rosewood when the supplier I used to get it from no longer had access to a managed woodland in Belize. I see that they now have another source which is from a managed forest in India. In fact this is from a species not on any register and it is also from a managed woodland, harvested through coppicing.

And having said all the above, it is now time for me to go and cut some more wood for next winter!