A Daily dose of essential oils


Much as I would love to have an Aromatherapy Massage every day, I cannot afford this and the few of my clients who could afford it don’t have that much free time! So for both myself and them, there are ways to maximise the benefits of essential oils in our lives. Some people use them in the bath adding just a few drops but as the oil floats on top of the water this means the undiluted oil is in direct contact with the skin. I find this irritant. Others are fine with it but I would not advise it. There are two ways around this. You can mix the few drops of essential oil in a carrier oil. I know people who do this but it does make cleaning the bath more of a pain. Instead, try using five mls of milk. This acts as an emulsifier enabling the essential oils to mix throughout the bath water. The small quantity does not cause any problems in the bath water or for cleaning afterwards.

Sadly I don’t have time for a bath every single day, often choosing to shower instead. This is where using a skin cream or balm comes in. There are many ways to make these, some relying on buying in preparations to add the essential oils to.  Rather than buy in something even if it is organic, I use beeswax 2013-04-23_10-04-30from my own bees kept on the allotments in Trumpington where I live. This is melted into  organic olive oil and them essential oils are added. I have two standard mixes at present, one with Frankincense and Geranium, the other , Lavender and Petitgrain, an oil distilled from the leaves and twigs of citrus trees.

Both of these are excellent for keeping skin on hands, feet and elsewhere in good condition. While initially I marketed this as a hand cream, one of my regulars says it is the only thing that works at keeping athletes foot at bay. If I were making one specifically for this I would probably add Myrrh and or Tea Tree to the mix. If using for the hands, only a small amount is needed making a pot of this at £6 for 50ml, and £7 for 60ml very good value.


Some of the bees I collected as a swarm who have given me honey and beeswax as rent for the  home I gave them.