Cherry Blossom

IMG_0720The Cherry blossom has been out just over a week now here in Cambridge and on warm days will be covered in bees. No chance of that today however!

There also seems to be a difference between the trees in our street. While they are all cherry blossom, some seem to have much more nectar and or pollen than others as there is one in particular that standing under it on a warm day, I can always hear the buzz!

Other trees providing food for insects at this time of year include willow, some of which is planted around where I keep my bees. Just as there are differences between varieties of trees and other plant species in how much food they provide for bees, there are differences in the essential oils they provide, influenced by among other things, temperature, soil moisture content, air humidity, plant variety altitude, and soil type.

This is why essential oils, even from genetically identical plants can vary greatly between locations, time of year harvested and the year itself. Some will be seen as superior, others just as different. Is a pear better than an apple?


I like to try different essential oils and carrier oils, finding which ones I prefer as well as which ones my clients prefer. Some like the raw coconut oil that is my favourite, while others would go for the steam treated one which lacks the strong coconut aroma. I also have a bias towards whatever has received the least treatment before I see it.

However if a client finds the coconut aroma overpowering then they will not relax fully through the massage and will not gain as much benefit from it negating any possible increased therapeutic properties of my own choice.

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