Living with a chronic condition.

Many of those I see live with a chronic condition, these include, arthritis, Ehlers Danlos 01syndrome, M.E. Fibromyalgia, and chronic depression to name just a few.

Depression is there to some extent with most of those who have a chronic condition and I often think that many of those I see with chronic conditions benefit as much from the fact that I accept their reality, do not judge them and do not tell them that if they really wanted to they could overcome their illness.

Working with this group I choose oils both for their physical condition but also for the psychological impact that condition has on them. Often the same oils do both. Citrus oils help treat depression but also help with gastric problems. Myrrh and Frankincense help with muscle spasm and also help promote calmness of mind.

The massage is essentially nurturing aimed at helping the person experience less pain and stress.

If you have a chronic condition, it is often worth thinking about complementary therapies that while they are never going to cure the problem can often make living with it a lot more bearable. Ask yourself the question is it better to live a life dominated by the condition or one where you are still in charge of your life. I can help it to be more of the latter.