On the Farm 2016


High tech muck spreading in advance of planting potatoes.

My first trip to Cambridge Cropshare this year. Why you might ask would I go out to a farm and work for an afternoon there rather than earn some money and buy organic veg? I do it for a number of reasons. I feel that in this way I am supporting Paul and Doreen more than I would just by buying their produce. It is always a fun time and the shared meals are wonderful.

As Paul and Doreen are growing some things for seed now as well as just producing veg this also links in with my bee keeping interests. They are concentrating on open pollinated varieties which often produce more nectar and pollen than F1 hybrids, some of which produce no nectar at all!

There are also bees on the farm, mostly from swarms I have collected, possibly all from these though some may be a generation down the line. These are kept in a combination of three different hive types and they are kept non-intensively and without any pesticides to treat the varroa mite.

I also find that time on the farm makes for a good balance between massage, bee keeping and spending time on the computer trying to get more clients!