Half term over, time for parents to nuture themselves!

01Or anyone else for that matter!  Needing some, “Me Time” or nurturing is one of the common reasons for people coming to see me for an aromatherapy as opposed to a deep tissue massage.

Many of my clients really struggle to find time that is just for them when at home. Sometimes this for the same reason as myself that if at home there is always a job that needs doing that I can see – even if I don’t do anything about it it is there in my mind. For others it is that even if they decide to have a long soak in the bath children or even a partner will knock on the door or otherwise demand attention making getting out of the home the only way to really enjoy that time to be nurtured.

I recently wrote about the fact that I always ask my female clients about menstruation and I was pleased this morning to get a message from a client confirming that she was OK with my matter of fact approach to this subject. She wanted to arrange an appointment but was unsure if I could do the massage during her period. There is no problem at all with massage during menstruation indeed many women find it helpful, particularly in the first couple of days when it can help the body in getting rid of the extra fluid that has built up in the body following ovulation. Typical oils I would use during menstruation include, Rose, Cypress and Clary Sage. However there are many others that some find nurturing and as with other conditions, I always treat the whole person and not just a condition or the body’s natural cycle on it’s own.

So don’t be put off booking a massage by your body’s cycle. Only put it off if it makes you uncomfortable which is true for a very few women in my experience working here in cambridge. Of course it may be that some put it off and don’t tell me! I am happy to have my education expanded by comments on this post!

To book a nurturing aromatherapy or even deep tissue massage, phone or text.

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