How would you spend your £3,000 birth budget?

The BBC carried a story this morning about how pregnant women will be offered their own £3,000 “Birth Budget.” This would according to what I have just read give women the choice to spend their money on anything from a hospital birth in a midwife led unit to a home birth with a birthing pool and hypnotherapy.

Massage and Aromatherapy are not specifically mentioned in the report but it would seem that they could be included judging from the text. An important thing to remember is that despite the behaviour of Rob in, “The Archers” pregnancy is a natural process not an illness! In this respect, Massage and Aromatherapy go very well with it. They can help in reducing back and other pain and also anxiety.

There are a few oils that need to be avoided and more than a very gentle abdominal massage should not be given during the first three months but other than that the only other changes are that the women will need to lie on her side rather than her front for the back to be massaged and the therapist will need to support this by having extra pillows/rolled up towels available. So, when it comes in, do think about spending some of your £3,000 on a massage. Remember it is extremely unlikely that you will see any of the money you don’t spend!