Five things clients appologise for!

In my Massage and Aromatherapy practice here in Cambridge many clients apologise for things. Rarely is there any need!

  1. “I’m sorry I haven’t shaved my legs/armpits. – why even mention it? Would they expect a man to apologise for the same thing?
  2. I’m sorry can you use more/less pressure on my (insert body part here?) –  It is your body! You get to decide what pressure. I only know what it feels like if you tell me.
  3. I’m Sorry, my (insert body part here) is really tight. – Isn’t that why you are here?
  4. I’m Sorry, my tummy is really gurgling today. – That means the massage is doing it’s job and the parasympathetic nervous system is becoming more active as you relax.
  5. I’m Sorry Can you miss out (insert body part here?) As in 2. It is your body. If you don’t want me to see your belly or massage it or you don’t want oil on your hair as you are going out etc. That is fine!

There are of course many others. but these I think are the top five. None of them worry me in the slightest. Even when a client has to walk a hundred yards and back to get some money from the hole in the wall it isn’t a major problem.  I am told by my sports massage colleagues that one they get a lot is their clients not having done their exercises but that isn’t a big issue as it keeps them coming back for longer! I too sometimes give my clients exercises to carry out between sessions but suspect that the majority of them don’t do it as often as I suggest, especially with taking a break to do them once an hour while sitting at a computer!