Breathing properly is seen as key to so much. Singing, playing wind instruments, Yoga etc. Yet many of us rarely think about it except when there is a problem with our respiratory system  and yet most of us if observed by a singing teacher would probably be told that we are not breathing properly!

However, this post is not about judgements. In myu massage and aromatherapy practice in Cambridge, I always observe my client’s breathing. When they lie on their front, I can observe the movement of their back and how low that movement reaches.  I don’t teach Yoga or other breathing exercises to my clients but sometimes I suggest yoga classes to them.

For now without trying to change anything just spend two minutes being mindful of your breathing. Don’t try and change it but just notice it. If it changes, notice that. If your mind drifts notice that and return to observing your breath.

Afterwards, you may want to not down your observations.

Now take an essential oil, it doesn’t matter which one and let a couple of drops fall into a mug or glass with some warm water placed where you can smell it. Repeat the breathing exercise.

Again it can be useful to not down your observations. Was your breathing different the second time? Was it easier or more difficult to keep your attention on your breath?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers in this. I like to try this exercises with different essential oils and note the differences as a way of learning more about how I react to different essential oils.

And if you don’t have any essential oils in your house, you can put  a pinch of thyme or some other herb in boiling water or peel an orange releasing the essential oils.