Fibromyalgia revisited.

I was looking at a research report earlier today which suggests that contrary to what some physicians have thought shows that FM pain does not originate in the mind. I and many others of course have never thought this. What this does have implications for is how it should be approached by massage  and aromatherapists.

What the research suggests is that the pain originates in nerve cells that also have a role in regulating blood flow in the blood vessels.  Now one of the pieces of advice I have had from other massage therapists is that before doing any deep tissue type work, with FM clients, one should spend more time ensuring the muscles are thoroughly warmed up. Is this still relevant if the nerve cells involved are in the blood vessels? Perhaps. It may be that the thorough warming up of the muscles increases blood flow which has some effect on the pain receptor function of these nerve cells. If experience has shown that a practice is helpful a change in the science does not negate that but may change the explanation as to why it works.

As I say in many of my posts, I will always be guided by my clients and their experience. What works for one client with FM does not always prove to be the best for another. This may mean more than one cause for a set of symptoms or it may be that the same physiological cause manifests differently in different individuals due to differences in body type, age, sex, psychological factors and more.

One thing is clear, I will still carry on treating those with FM and offering an individualised aromatherapy massage and I will carry on learning from my clients as well as looking at research findings to see if they offer any insights that may help me to provide a better treatment.

Oils I have used in My Cambridge practice include Bergamot, lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and Frankincense.


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