The reality of living with depression

Reblogging this as it says so much more about depression than I could despite having worked for 30 years as a mental health nurse before taking early retirement to work as an Aromatherapist.

forever blue

If you’re reading this, most of you will already know that depression is far more than feeling a bit under the weather, but I wanted to describe what it reallyfeels like. In person. Beneath all of the medical jargon about serotonin. Beneath all of the stigma. I wanted to write about the experiences I have had which shaped my life and personality, and the daily challenges that I face.

I wouldn’t say that I ever feel ‘sad’. That is a very misinterpreted symptom. When people say they’re ‘depressed’ when somethings gone wrong, it’s often used as a dramatic form of being upset. That is not depression. I would describe it as a total emptiness. I am completely numb to the world and people around me. Days can pass and by yet I feel no involvement. It’s hard to explain, but when you’re concentrating so hard on not falling apart…

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