With the growth in litigation, fault and blame are words I hear bandied about a lot. It is in the media, in organisations I am involved in and I also hear it from my clients. (I should eat less …, I should get more exercise, etc.)

If a client is stuck in a destructive pattern that they want help in changing I will work with that. However I am not going to tell a client that they should swap to a vegetarian or vegan diet or that they need to run for half an hour every day, go the the gym etc. I think sometimes when a client uses judgemental language about themselves it is pre-empting the judgements they expect me to make about their lifestyles.

In the same way, I sometimes get clients whose language implies that they want me to make decisions about their life, how they think about things etc. That is not my role. Decisions about these things have to be made by the individual concerned and then I can support them in that either through my words or by using essential oils that can help in making the changes they wish.

I am also a firm believer in telling my clients why I am using different oils. I don’t try and treat them on the sly if I think they are all over the place by using an oil that will help ground them such as vetiver.

My experience is that clients value being told about the oils I am using. This gives them the chance to be more autonomous in their lives. They have enough information to be able to do their own research. Sometimes if little is written about an oil’s psychological effects, I might tell them of my experience of working with it, though there is something available about all the oils I use and I let that guide me in my choices.

If you want an aromatherapy massage without being judged but supported in your own choices be that your relationships, exercise regime or lack thereof or anything else,

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