The Journey

I am reblogging this because it is such a beautiful message of hope that I am sure will inspire others whether or not they have a chronic illness to fulfil some of their dreams.

If on reading, you feel, “I could never do that” then try and find a way to enjoy the fact that someone else has made this journey.


Sickness. Usually it is a transitory experience, one that effects the body for a period of time and then leaves you to return to health. It is something that a person can ‘wait out’, wait out until they feel better, wait out until they feel stronger, they can wait until they are well again. But some people can not. For some people like myself (a seasoned explorer and a sufferer of a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia) waiting until you feel ‘better’ to enjoy life’s greatest adventures ; be it falling in love or travelling the world is a dark idea that can lead to an unlived life.

Making the decision to undertake a long term trip when you already suffer from a long term illness can be absolutely terrifying. Whether you have been coping for many years with your illness or have just been newly diagnosed the idea of leaving any area of comfort for a foreign land when your skin no…

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