Hunting the Fear

Really like this, strange how the fear doing things like handstands changes from fear of injury to fear of looking foolish over time 🙂

Asian Jasmine Yoga

Fear is something primordial, something we carry in our DNA from the long history of evolution. It’s a way our body raises a warning toward ourselves, blaring bright when it’s turned on, and in 7 seconds we have to decide whether to flight or fight. Have you ever noticed in these few seconds before we decide what to do, when the alarms goes off, our body becomes more alert? Our senses become more sensitive, and we see our surroundings as a stimulus that is asking our response in a different way. Fight, or flight. Become the predator and go out hunting, or become the prey that curls up and hides.

imageSome animal defence mechanisms, when they are in danger they bottle up, hide or curl up, or runaway. Some, come out and fighting. Have you ever realised those who fight are mostly the predators, and those who flee are mostly…

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