More on pain, fear and anxiety.

Pain as I have said before is part of the body’s warning system. It stops us putting our hands in fires and prevents many other injuries. Fear and anxiety too are useful. Without them our ancestors would not have survived the large predators prevalent in their environment and as for ourselves, most of us would have been mown down by cars.

And yet, pain and anxiety make up a large proportion of the reasons people come to see for aromatherapy and massage appointments in Cambridge not just me but other practitioners and of course the traditional medical system.

Thinking first about pain. Unfortunately it is a blunt instrument. In some ways it has to be as if it went off after alerting us to a problem, the odds are we would then delay dealing with the problem causing it or not deal with it at all, in many cases causing further damage. (Stopping us creating further injury to our bodies after the initial trauma is another major function of pain.) However sometimes, even when there is no clear reason for it’s continued presence (as in Fibromyalgia) the pain continues. Other times, such as in arthritis, we may know that continued use of the joint will cause damage in the long term but the pain doesn’t recognise our choice to do so and go away. Yet many in chronic pain recognise that being able to get on with their lives is a better choice than the pain controlling everything they do. This is not a judgement on those who are unable to take that control, rather an observation that where it is possible this can be helpful.

I referred earlier to the way anxiety serves to keep us safe, this is true both in a physical sense and a psychological sense. Again the problem comes when our brains either turn it on when there is no need or won’t turn it off resulting in what psychiatrists call a, “generalised anxiety state.

Both pain and anxiety can be helped with massage and aromatherapy with some essential oils such as German Chamomile being useful for both. Indeed any oil that reduces anxiety will tend to be helpful to some extent with pain because anxiety increases the perceived level of  pain experienced so other oils such as Lavender and Frankincense can also help as can those used for depression such as Bergamot.

Listening and by that I mean really listening and showing understanding can also help with both of anxiety and pain. One of the most common phrases I have heard from sufferers of both is, “No one understands.” I will always say that I can not experience what you have but I can tell when someone is screaming either physically or metaphorically for help because the effect on them and their lives is so extreme.

Of course, not all of my clients with either pain or anxiety or even depression issues are at that point. Some come with a lesser pain which while not severe is still there most of the time and nagging at them. Some want help with anxiety that crops up regularly in a particular situation but isn’t all pervasive.

So if you want help with pain and or anxiety or depression  and live in or near Cambridge, contact me on

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