Run down in Cambridge? Need a recharge?

Probebattery-300x293Are you feeling run down? Do your batteries need recharging? Perhaps you need an Aromatherapy Massage using some of the more Yang oils. Oils such as Rosemary and Tea Tree which will help you tap into your energy.

Because of low light levels over the winter, many of us suffer from low energy levels at this time of year. This results in greater susceptibility to both viral and bacterial infections. This creates a vicious spiral as we are then more likely to stay indoors because of feeling ill and this in turn makes us more at risk of further infections.

Another reason some in Cambridge might suffer from the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or something close to it is spending long periods of time indoors studying/writing essays etc. A really good thing to do is to get out of doors for half an hour or an hour, ideally during the two hours around mid day. This is when there is enough light to really make a difference. Even better do this somewhere where you can really enjoy nature!


I will choose oils based on what you tell me about yourself and your needs. This is much more effective than just sticking to a formulaic approach and assuming everyone with the same problem at the top of their list will benefit from the same oils.

Celebrate your differences and contact me to arrange an appointment for a massage with oils specially chosen to meet your needs. or 07939273569 If I don’t pick up because I am busy with a client or otherwise engaged, text me and I will get back to you.