Trumpington Habitorial


The Habitorials at 93 Addenbrookes Road is an art project funded by section 10


Not actually a honey bee but one of the colettes, the Ivy Bee is one of our many hundreds of solitary bee species.

6 money that is aimed at building community in Trumpington in particular trying to reduce the division that is almost inevitable when the new development is just over twice the size of the original, “Village” as many of the oldies still think of it.

Last night, Joe from Black Bar Brewery was there making a special beer using some rosemary from our allotment, Bay from our garden and some Ivy honey my bees collected. Ivy honey has a slightly bitter taste which many do not like but some love. This bitterness I think will go well in this beer about 40 pints of which will be on sale at the pop up pub that takes place at the show home once a month.

Some of the herbs and honey were added shortly after the sparge (when the liquid is extracted from the solids and rinsed with boiling water) once it had come up to a boil again with the rest being added when it had cooled just a fraction and was no longer boiling.

The reason for this is that the bitterness from the herbs is extracted by the boiling process whereas the more volatile compounds in the essential oils would be driven off by this so the aroma from them would be lost. I look forward to sampling the product. If as we hope, it makes a truly special beer, it should be repeatable as Joe kept copious notes throught the process.

Sunday will see lots of discussion about local food and possibly the setting up of a local food 2013-04-23_10-04-30box scheme using local meat cheeses and veg. I will also be selling my handcream made from beeswax from my own bees kept on the allotments here, olive oil, essential oils and   beeswax. Sadly I can not call the product organic as it is impossible to produce organic beeswax in this country due to the fact that no one has yet learned how to train bees to only forage on organic crops and there is nowhere in the United Kingdom that has the requisite 4km around the hives that is all certified organic land.


In the future I expect to be doing some massage there including aromatherapy taster sessions. My first time ever working in what is almost a brand new building, (just over a year old.)

If you live in Trumpington or nearby do look at the habitorials website or even come along to some of the events. It is a chance to make the new community work and think more about the future including what happens with the community cafe on the new square when construction is finished.

Other focus points for the community could be the new allotments and community gardens.