Essential oils for spring

When we get our essential oils from a bottle of course they are available all year round. Some however are available straight from the plant for us to enjoy the aroma.

Laurel (The Bay tree) and Rosemary being evergreen are of course available fresh all year round as well as from the bottle. If you pay attention you can see which ones appear and in which order.

Mint and Lemon Balm (Melissa) will appear shortly in my garden. They are doubtless already there in Devon and Cornwall! Petitgrain (from the leaves of citrus trees) is another evergreen and a mature citrus tree with it’s two crops a year will often have fruit on it for most of the year allowing us access to the oil from the rind or zest. The flowers on my two grafted trees, one in a pot in the dining room and the other in a pot in the greenhouse have numerous flowers waiting to open. These will allow me to enjoy the heady sensuous aroma of Neroli.

Other scents available include sage and lavender but the these are not as vibrant as they will be when the fresh growth appears in the next week or so.

I am basing my timings on my experience here in Trumpington in Cambridge. Do comment and let me know what is particularly fresh in your part of the world right now.

And to book a spring aromatherapy massage using these or other oils contact me on or phone or text on 07939273569